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Nature Facilitator Training

Let's grow a conscious community of little people, connected to our natural world together.

Over the past two and a half years we have developed and refined our own curriculum and philosophy based on intent research on how to facilitate the development of nature connectedness. This research has led to the development of our nature experience facilitator training. We want to see as many children in nature as possible - developing a muddy-footed relationship with our wonderful world.


Our training aims to offer a transformative learning experience for the future facilitator and consists of four components:

1. A deep knowing immersion             

2. Lecture series                                   

3. Practical implementation of theory

4. Material making workshop             

Trained facilitators will also receive all of the materials necessary for them to facilitate their own nature experiences for children. We offer our alumni support and guidance throughout the practical element of their training and when they embark on practicing. 

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