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Wisdom of the Wild


The Kinship Programme

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There is an ancient wisdom that exists just beyond our consciousness, in the realm of unknown unknowns. 
The wisdom is shared in the tales of the trees, mountains and streams. These quiet observers who pass no judgement, speak softly to all earthly beings.
Humanity, can you hear them? 

Episode One: The mighty Ziziphus shares a story

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For centuries humans lived close to the land, and could hear the tales of the trees, mountains and streams. Those that live close, still do. 

But there is a frightening reality that accompanies humanity's newfound Anthropocentric Urban life: a deafening to the calls of our natural world.
In order to hear, we need to remember.

And what better way to do so, than through the stories of our ancestors.

Episode Two: For centuries the children visited the mighty ziziphus

Our bodies and minds are designed for a life with nature. Quiet strengthens synoptic networks, enhancing brain functioning; while the freedom of space provides for both psychological and physical well-being. 

Nature holds humanity, as she does all living beings, since we are part of her. And we thrive in her embrace.
What have you learnt from nature?

Episode Three: Now the children come no more

What has the modern child lost by
not being in nature?
The return of the wild children
As the days pass and the tale unfolds,
may you be drawn to action.

For this isn't a lament,
but rather your call
          to make toes muddy
          minds calm
          and humanity one with itself                     

Episode Four: Re-Awakening

While this may seem to be the end, it is merely the beginning.
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