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Welcome to Kinship

developing a sense of nature connectedness

Nature connectedness explains how much one feels connected to the natural world. Research has shown that a  a close nature connectedness leads to pro-environmental behaviour. This relationship is best developed before the age of eight through immersive experiences that are shaped around a child's own inquiry.

Kinship provides the opportunity for this relationship to form through carefully curated immersive experiences that consider each individual child, their state of connection and interests. We offer these experiences as an extra-curricular activity, privately and at schools. We operate four seasons a year that correspond with school term times. Our sessions are 75minutes long and most children enroll seasonally (termly), attending once a week. We work on a seasonal enrollment, but the cost breakdown is roughly R150/session. At the end of each season we offer an overnight adventure that mums and dads are welcome to join for.

We also curate Project-Based Learning Projects for all ages (grade 1 - 12) that encourage meaningful and impactful learning that employs the use of 21st Century skills. 

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Session Times for Durban North:

Monday from 2pm - 3:15pm

Monday from 3:30pm - 4:45pm

Wednesday from 2pm - 3:15pm

Wednesday from 3:30pm - 4:45pm


Session Times for Ballito:

Tuesday from 2pm - 3:15pm

Thursday from 2pm - 3:15pm


Season dates for 2023:

Season One: 23 January - 16 March

  • overnight adventure: 18 - 19 March

Season Two: 17 April - 22 June

Season Three: 24 July - 21 September

  • overnight adventure: 16 - 17 Sept.

Season Four: 16 October - 6 December


Why are we going outside?

Urbanisation, industrialization, fears for safety and technological advancements have led to the majority of our time being spent indoors, predominantly in front of screens. There are growing concerns about a lack of physical exercise, poor mental well-being and issues of climate change and environmental degradation. Studies illustrate that green spaces and natural landscapes have a positive influence on children’s cognitive and psycho-social development, including emotional regulation, perceived self-worth, creativity, concentration, motivation and motor skills. Children that engage immersive with nature have better abilities to assess risks and confidence to confront challenges later in life.


It is believed that the split with nature is at the heart of our environmental crisis. There are several studies illustrating that childhood experiences in nature have led to the development of increased nature-connected individuals who tend to champion conservation and sustainable development. The Kinship program offers the opportunity for our children to develop the empathy and love of nature that our world requires, in a safe yet wild environment.

Our Team

We are blessed to have a magnificent team of Kinship facilitators with a diverse range of experiences.



Full hearted with muddy feet and mountain water. 



Compassionate activist connected to the sky above, Earth below, and peace within.

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I love sharing the wonder and wisdom of our beautiful earth with all humans (big and small).



I love children, cooking and smiling.

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Spending time with kids and being in nature is always first but foottball is a close second.



I'm a fun and loving person eager to learn new things and a big cat lover.

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I love nature, pottery, and teaching little hearts and minds.

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I love being with children so much that I kind of wish I never grew up.

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I often find myself getting lost in the beauty around me, and enjoy finding a patch of grass to sink my feet into.

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