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Our Philosophy

We are part of an intricate ecosystem called the Earth - an important knowing that we hold dear in all that we learn and be. In order for our children to develop a deep sense of belonging and feeling of embeddedness within our environment we embody an ecological paradigm of learning.

Now what does that mean?

All knowledge is intriniscally multi-disciplinary- it is exceptionally difficult to separate our world into subjects. As an alternative we practice project-based learning along a Cosmic curriculum. We are conscious of making our learning relatable to the children in their everyday lives (local) and then broadening the horizon to contemplate our situation in the global environment. This approach aids the children in understanding how interconnected life is and how their actions can have global effects. 

Just as the curriculum cannot be divided, nor can the child. We practice an integrated academic, creative, spiritual, physical and social education. As our work is largely centred around practical everyday projects there is emotion attached to them. Learning is cooperative and collaborative across vertically grouped ages. This helps the child develop a relationship between themselves(individual) and: other people, nature, their inner sense, external world and their own emotions and reason. 

An ecological education paradigm sees the teacher as a facilitator and the children as leaders in their own learning- communicating, organising and advocating for their education. This responsibility encourages the child to acknowledge their individuality and ability to construct their reality. They see possibility and are activated to enact change.

We are inspired by

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