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Welcome to Rooted

Cultivating a conscious community

Our purpose is to provide both the land and nutrients for the flourishing of a conscious community.

We do this by hosting:

  • volunteering opportunities,

  • conscious conversations,

  • short courses on either nature knowledge or knowing,

  • mindfulness and embodiment experiences

  • community building and fundraising events.


Labours of Love events

Labours of Love volunteering opportunities

  • Thursday from 3-4pm

  • Friday from 2:30-4pm

  • Cost: R50pp

All funds are spent on our upliftment projects

If you're interested in joining us, ask to be added to our Whatsapp group.

Our calendar events

Rewilding Talk with Nikki Brighton

  • Date: Friday 18 August

  • Time: 6:30pm - 7:30pm

  • Venue: Kincottage

  • Cost: R190pp



Weed Walk with Nikki Brighton

  • Date: Saturday 19 August

  • Time: 9am - 11am

  • Venue: Virginia Circle

  • Cost: R290pp



Beach Foraging Adventure with Andre Steenkamp

  • Date: Saturday 9 September

  • Time: 8am - 10am

  • Venue: Garvies Beach, Bluff

  • Cost: R200pp


Birding with Craig Widdows

  • Date: Wednesday 25 October

  • Time: 6:15am - 7:15am

  • Venue: Virginia Bush

  • Cost: R150pp

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